Requirements for selective platy breeding

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Ornamental aquarium fish breeding and developing new strains of platies is an interesting and rewarding proposition.

In breeding ornamental platies it is challenging to develop new strains.
One word of caution! You require to do lot of hard work and have patience and time for developing new strains. Invest in sufficient number of fish tanks, aerating equipment, heaters, nets and good supply of fairly hard water.

Requirement for ornamental platy fish breeding

Five numbers of 10 gallon aquarium one for parent ornamental platies, two for keeping females and raising fry, one for holding selected future males, one for holding selected future females
Two numbers of 20 gallon tanks for growing fry
Two 55 gallon aquarium one as male-grow out tank, one female grow-out tank
Heaters required for all tanks
air-lift sponge filters required for all tanks
One wooden or steel rack to keep the aquarium
Thermocol sheets required numbers to keep below the glass tanks
Hand nets 3 numbers for transferring adult and fry
Lighting arrangements at least in the tanks wherein the adults are kept
Test kits and chemicals Ph test kit, water hardness test kit, pH boosting chemicals, commercial water hardeners, water conditioner (dechlorinator)

Further you may require a drum or a bin to keep aged water for water exchange for the ornamental aquarium. When using chemicals for treating the water follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Always use thermocol sheets below the ornamental for protecting the bottom glass from breakage.

Longer days have been found to be inducible for breeding ornamental platies. Hence light up the parent fish aquarium for about 14 hours.

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