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As ornamental goldfish bowl is a very small fragile ecosystem, it requires periodic cleaning to protect the fish from its collapse and mortality.

Periodical and complete fish bowl cleaning is required for the health of the ornamental fish. Regular maintenance of the fish container removes stressful conditions and makes the fish active and healthy.

Total ornamental goldfish bowl maintenance

Planning ahead for coming schedule of total hygiene, get ready with treated and chlorine-free water. Total clean up is preferred if the container is smaller and for very large container it can be done once in two weeks. ‘How to clean fish bowl and where to start it from?’- is a common question.

Proceed following the steps detailed below.

Use the siphon to remove 50-60% volume of water of fish bowl to a container without disturbing the fish or the water. Only siphon the clean top water. Do not stir the bottom or siphon the bottom debris.

Once 50% water is removed, stop the syphon and collect the pet with net and release it into the container holding the siphoned water.

Remove plants and decorations into another container. Remove the filter if you have kept one. Remove the gravel by emptying the bowl into a container.

Fish bowl cleaning

You can now start the process from inside. Use algae scrapers to remove attached algae and slime.
Never use detergents and soaps. Small remnants of them can harm fish.
For removing stubborn evaporation marks you can use a razor to scrape. For acrylic fish bowl use plastic blades to avoid scratches and cuts to the container.
Now wipe the outside of the container thoroughly removing the dust and other marks.
Then rinse it thoroughly in fairly warm water to remove any type of grease.
Wipe it dry with cloth or paper towel. Never allow it dry with water drops on it. Dust will settle on the wet drops and will cause ugly marks on the fish bowl when dry.

Decorations, artificial plants and rocks

Use a brush to brush and clean the decorations, rocks and artificial plants. Scrub them and rinse them a number of times to get rid of the slimy growth on them. Never use detergents or soaps.

Cleaning gravel

Hold the gravel in a container and adding water stir it well with hand, rubbing the gravel one against other between the palms. Keep repeating until the rinse water appears new. Never use soaps or detergents.

Filter and air tube

Scrub the filter and air tubes thoroughly with algae scrubber and rinse well. Avoid using bleach as it may upset the useful bacterial population still clinging on to the gravel and filter materials.

Once the total cleaning process is over rearrange the fish bowl as described in the post on setting up a fish bowl.

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