Health benefits of garlic

Garlic [Allium sativam L] is known to man for more than 2000 years. It is a species closely related to onion and belonging to the onion family Alliaceae.
Garlic is grown all over the world and and is an integral part of the Asian and Mediterranean European cuisine.

Culinary uses

The cloves of garlic are extensively used both in cooked and raw forms for medicinal and culinary purposes.
The leaves, flowers and stem of garlic plant are also edible and are popular vegetable in Asia.
They are mostly preferred and consumed while they are still tender and immature.
Mature garlic bulbs have excellent shelf life, if kept dry protected from moisture.

Chemical compounds

A large number of sulfur compounds present in garlic, give it its strong smell and taste and Diallyl disulfide is noteworthy.
Allicin another important chemical is released when garlic clove is crushed and it is found to be responsible for the hot sensation of raw garlic.
Ajoene from formed from allicin and functions as an antioxidant.


From time immemorial garlic has been considered as panacea and a cure for almost all ailments.
The antioxidant ajoene present in garlic, inhibits the release of superoxide.
By binding to free-radicals it prevents the diseases and damages caused by free-radicals.


The chemical constituents in garlic are believed to boost our immune system and increase our resistance to diseases.
Garlic is used in home remedies for many ailments as allicin and ajoene show strong antibiotic and antifungal properties.
Due to antimicrobial properties of ajoene, garlic is useful in the prevention and treatment of yeast infection and athlete's foot.
Garlic helps in the blood circulation.
garlic bulb and cloves
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Heart ailments

The allicin in garlic has been discovered to help in lowering of blood pressure.
Garlic extract has been found to prevent vascular calcification in patents with high cholesterol.
Garlic prevents blood platelets aggregation and its antithrombotic properties help in prevention of blood clot formation. Thus garlic reduces the risk of strokes and heart diseases.


Garlic has been used traditionally in the treatment of impotency.
Garlic helps in the blood circulation and keeps the blood vessels healthy. This keeps the reproductive system in a healthy condition.
Chemicals in garlic stimulate and help in the production of nitric oxide synthase, an enzyme required for attaining erection in men.
Testosterone levels have been found to increase with the consumption of garlic along with protein rich food.

Garlic is believed to prevent cancers of breast, colon, prostate gland and skin.
Ajoene is found to be effective in the control of tumour cell growth.
The allicin in garlic is found to stimulate fat metabolism and inducing weight-loss, preventing diseases related to obesity.


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harvested garlic bulb
Harvested garlic bulb
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