Guppies (million fish): Taxonomic Hierarchy

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Ornamental guppies are also known as million fish show sexual dimorphism. The males of ornamental guppies (million) are colourful and smaller in size when compared to females which are larger in size with dull colouration.

The males grow up to 3-4 cm in length whereas the females grow up to 4-6 cm. These Poecilia reticulata are livebearers and females after a gestation of 3-4 weeks give birth to young babies.

Synonyms of ornamental million fish are given below.
Poecilia reticulatus,
Poecilioides reticulatus,
Acanthophacelus guppii,
Lebistes poecilioides,
Poecilia reticulate,
Lebistes poeciloides,
Acanthophacelus reticulatus,
Girardinus guppii,
Lebistes reticulatus,
Girardinus reticulatus,
Haridichthys reticulatus
and Heterandria guppyi.

Taxonomic Hierarchy of Ornamental Guppies (million fish)


Kingdom Animalia
— Animals
Phylum Chordata
— chordates
Subphylum Vertebrata
— vertebrates
Superclass Osteichthyes
— bony fishes
Class Actinopterygii
— ray-finned fishes
Subclass Neopterygii
— neopterygians
Infraclass Teleostei
Superorder Acanthopterygii
Order Cyprinodontiformes
— cyprinodontes, cyprinodontiforms, cyprinodonts, killifishes
Suborder Cyprinodontoidei
— cyprinodontoids
Family Poeciliidae
— livebearers, livebearing toothcarps
Subfamily Poeciliinae
— livebearers
Genus Poecilia
— ornamental livebearers, mollies, guppies
Species Poecilia reticulata
–ornamental guppies, million fish, rainbowfish