Global warming

We are using the natural resources indiscriminately. Our selfish acts have boomeranged on to us in the form of global warming. Our reckless use of fossil fuels and coal for power production and vehicle propulsion has already started affecting our planet.
Burning these fuels increases the green house gases in the atmosphere leading to increase in the average temperatures.

Our air is getting loaded with green house gases.
air pollution
Present destructive patterns of weather are already the beginning of the effects.

There is increased melting of the artic and Antarctic ice caps.
This is resulting in the increase of the sea levels.

The habitats in the island countries are being lost to oceans by the increase of sea-levels.
Corals and coral reefs are dying because of the the warming of the oceans.
The oceans are turning acidic and marine life is being lost for ever.
Glaciers all over the world are retreating due to global warming.
This is drying up the glacier dependent perennial rivers and leading to water shortages, extreme weather conditions, famine and desertification.
Unless the whole humanity considers this as an emergency situation and act immediately, thousands of plant and animal species will become extinct.

flicker of hope
There is still some hope. Let us save our planet.

what we can do

1. We have to stop destruction of forests and plants.
2. We have to plant and care for trees as a community and create local community forests.
3. We have to reduce the use of forest products.
4. We have to reduce our power consumption and use energy efficient equipments.
5. We have to gradually switch over to renewable and pollution free energy sources and green generation.
6. We have to reduce the consumption of animal proteins as growing live stocks contributes much to the production of green house gases.
7. We have to manufacture, produce or grow our requirements locally, instead of sourcing them from faraway places.
8. When mass transportation is available avoid cars.
9. When distance is closer walk or use bicycle to move around.
10.Recycle materials and avoid the use of plastics.

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By Mahmood Syed Faheem

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