Care of nature

Our lives and our future is connected intricately with nature.
It has taken millions of years for the nature to give us an unique place to live in with all the required necessities. Man with his advent has been using the bounties of nature for all his needs.
But for the past 100 years with the increase in population he is using up the nature's gifts without care for a look into its replenishment.

Forests control the levels of the green-house gas carbon-dioxide.
A blissful place

Further he is polluting and contaminating his environment ruthlessly without any care for the future generations.
Now we have come into a situation wherein we have to call it enough. Alarm bells are ringing all around.

Forest fires destroy our ecosystems.
save the forests

Our forests are getting denuded and our forest wealth is getting destroyed.
The air we breathe is polluted with dust, smoke and industrial gases.
The water we drink is polluted with chemicals, pesticides, toxic compounds and harmful organisms.
The food we consume is tagged with all harmful chemicals we can think of.
This is resulting in the increase of environmental diseases and giving rise to new mutant viruses and organisms on which we are not having control or loosing control.
Though we do not realise we are living continuously under environmental stress, our own body systems are getting degraded.
Our immunity is declining . Our nervous system is crumpling and the mental stress is reaching the threshold.
Our planet is intensely affected by our activities. Oceans are getting acidic with the threat to ocean life.
The release of green house gases is warming up the earth with the threat of meltdown of ice caps and increase of sea levels.
The increasing hole in the ozone layer is threatening us with increased UV rays radiation and the resultant increase of cancers.

The whole situation has been brought about by us by our careless actions and indifference.
We can rectify the situation now before it gets out of control.
It is not that common people do not care about the nature but they do not realise the seriousness of the situation they are in. One person can start a revolution.
But it requires the whole society to carry it out. You can become the initiator for your neighbourhood.
Correct your actions.
Go green.
Tell your contacts, your neighbours and your friends.

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By Mahmood Syed Faheem


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