Fun page: reacting spider

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play with curious spider in the dynamic nature

It is a curious spider. It will follow the cursor. If you push the cursor towards it as it approaches, it will back up.

Spiders belong to arthropods, characterised by jointed legs.
Spiders are found all over the world except Antarctica.
Spiders usually have eight legs, silk producing glands, a pair of venomous fangs and two pair of eyes.
Spider are mostly predators, catching a manageable sized prey sting it to paralyze and kill.
They put digestive juices into the prey to liquefy its body and drink the contents.
Spiders are diverse in size and variety and the largest is a type of tarantula spiders growing to the size of human adult palm.
The venom of widow spider, recluse spider, certain species of tarantula and funnel web spider can be fatal to humans.
Now big attention is being given to spider venom for possibilities for producing medicines for human use.